True Friendship…

The cost of having a plumber come to your house at 11:00 pm to extract an object from your pipes…$800.  The value of helping to get your best friend’s most prized possession returned to her…PRICELESS!!!

Okay, it is not often that I do blog posts on personal stuff, BUT…June was quite the eventful month, and I promised my best friend that I would embarrass her…oops!! (ahem, feature her) on my blog.  After all, this is the first time she and I had seen each other since my wedding in 2007, and the first real quality time between her and I in years (since she kicked me out of her house during her pregnancy #3…but that’s a whole other story!):-)

All kidding aside, it was one of the most hilarious situations I have ever found myself in, the biggest laugh I’ve had in a while…and all around it was a great week!


So before I begin, I will back up a bit and let the photos tell some of the story….


My friend Crissy agreed before she drove up to hang out for the week that she was going to make dinner for us one night.  One of her specialties is “seafood lasagna,” and it sounded yummy!  So I picked up a nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot for us to share over dinner…it was going to be a great night!…  KEYWORDS: “going to be…”

Okay, the food in the photo above doesn’t look the freshest, and that’s because it was dished up, and sat for a little while.  The reason?  Well, let me explain by saying I heard the most frantic “Oh no’s!!” coming from the bathroom that I had ever heard before in my life… I literally thought my friend had slipped in the bathroom and hurt herself.  When I was asking her through the door what was wrong…she finally opened it and came out with the most distressed look and through some muffling sounds I heard “my wedding rings just went down the toilet!!”   Me: “WHAT!!?”

She had flushed, washed her hands and was drying her hands near the towel rack that is very close to the toilet, (not the best set up in our bathroom), and her wedding band set (both engagement ring and band together), slipped off and down into the spinning water in the toilet, and it was gone…. She was devastated.  So devastated that in her desperation, she tried using the plunger thinking that was going to help (the plumber later said that was not what we wanted to do…seeing as how the idea behind plunging is to push things out of the pipes…oops!).

So yes, I contacted an all-night plumber…and when he first got there, his initial task was to check and see if the ring was still in the toilet trap. This meant taking the toilet apart and shaking it around to see if anything made any noise rolling around…

This is our toilet, in the hallway after he took it up out of the floor…(yeah gross, sorry everyone as I did not have a chance to completely clean the toilet before the plumber came and relocated it as a temporary fixture in our hallway).

And this is what our bathroom looked like without the toilet in it…

So far at this point we were at $250 for the plumber dismantling the toilet to check for the ring set…which unfortunately was not in the toilet.  So our wonderful plumber then explains that there is one of two likelihoods that exist… One, the excessive plunging forced the ring set out into the sewer line, and it would forever be gone…or two, the ring set could still be in the house piping, and if so, more drastic measures would be required to extract the ring set, and the cost would go up… Either way, said plumber needed to go get his snake light to determine which scenario it was….and once he had done so, we discovered the ring set was still in the house piping.

Mind you, during all of this, I am feeding my friend glasses of Veuve, and when that ran out of that, we did a few shots to bring down the anxiety levels so that we could laugh about this instead of cry.  Turns out she likes Vodka! LOL!

But joking aside, I love my friend so much and she was so hysterical about this situation, there was no way I could not do what it took to get her rings back for her…she was frantic, and upset that her husband would be really mad seeing as how this was not her first wedding band set lost. In fact between loosing one set, and then having another set he worked hard for stolen from their house, I’d have to say adding to it that this last set went down the toilet is a serious case of bad luck!

I told the plumber to do what he needed to do to get the rings out of the pipes and that for now I was taking care of it…what that required was busting through our basement ceiling to get to the piping where the ring set was, and so our downstairs bathroom resulted in this…


Notice there are four holes!!  It took him that many tries before he found the correct pipe!!  LOL!

But when it was all said and done, my best friend had her rings back, and I was happy to have made the decision to help her out… After all, she had done so much for me throughout the years.

After the rings were recovered and the bill paid, my friend then worked up the courage to call her husband to let him know what happened… Between the tears and the champagne buzz, she wasn’t very coherent.  So, I took the phone and talked with her hubby, who had just been woken up in the middle of the night by this, and could do nothing but laugh at us.  When she took the phone back, all she could say to him was how they had to come back up her and remodel both our bathrooms….BOTH?!!  Wow, I think we hit the jackpot!  Just kidding…  :-)  They do drywall and flooring, and I would simply appreciate the downstairs bathroom ceiling being replaced at some point when they can come back (and maybe paint a few walls for us to make up a little for the plumbing bill), but otherwise…they are not indebted to us.

The rest of the week however was AWESOME getting to hang out with Crissy, and even before she had come up for the week, we made plans to take her out for nice dinner downtown at The Mid-America Club for their Veuve Clicquot champagne tasting dinner…

There was really great food…

There was great ambiance!…

And of course the reason why we were there…the Veuve Cliquot tasting!!…

And as far as my friend Crissy, I think she had a great time….

And I was pretty happy because after fighting with the airlines and getting a flight switched, my wonderful husband made it back from Austin in time to join us (though he was about an hour late getting there and everyone at our table razzed him for it the whole night).  Here he is, as usual, on his iPhone…

Later on we took a few pics, but here is an awesome one of the view outside The Mid-America Club from the 80th floor of the Aon Center…

And of course, she was pretty amazed by the women’s restroom at the MAC Club as well…Note there are no large holes in the ceiling!…LOL!

All in all it was a fabulous night… Fabulous food, fabulous champagne, fabulous views and one FABULOUS friend, (and a fabulous hubby too of course)!!

And all that was just in the first couple nights she was here…I truly enjoyed her visit so much as it was such a blast to have her her and hang out with her…  LOVE YOU CRISSY!!!!  (From your little Ninja Cat!!)  :-)

  • Crissy Linhart - Oh my…. good times! If anything, we know how to make our visits memorable, if not dramatic! We still need to set up the details for our fixing everything… Are we still hookin’ up in August? I’ll have these rings glued to my fingers next time, I promise. ;-) LOVE YOU, SISTA!!ReplyCancel

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