Baby Arlen’s Baptism~July 31, 2011

Chicago Baptism Photography

I had the privilege of capturing little baby Arlen’s baptism ceremony!…  This was actually a first for me as I had not done a baby baptism or dedication service before, but I approached it the same way as I would a wedding or other event that I would otherwise “document” with photos.  This first shot in particular was a “must have” shot per the mother’s request.  From what I know, she is very happy with all the photos, so I could not be happier!

Enjoy Baby Arlen’s baptism!!

Chicago Baptism Photography

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Aman & Amrit’s Wedding Week (July 2011)

Chicago Wedding Photography

It all started with the bridal shower… But let’s go back a week and a half before that while I’m sitting in a training conference in D.C., and receive an e-mail from my old friend, Trupti Patel, from back in my college days at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Her opening sentence was along the lines of: “I noticed on Facebook that you do photography, and was wondering your availability to photograph a friend’s bridal shower next weekend?”

All I can say to the fact she referenced noticing my work on Facebook was a big Hallelujah!!  And also WoW!!….  Meaning that in some way Facebook is useful and someone really noticed my work.  Needless to say I felt the opportunity was good, so I took it…and little did I know what it would all lead into… Meaning a really great opportunity, so stay tuned for that down through this blog post!!

(Disclaimer: There are A LOT of photos in this post, but I’m sure you will enjoy them!!)

So for now, here are some more of those bridal shower photos…


Later that evening, I was also commissioned for the bridal party get together at the WIT Rooftop Lounge downtown….

Aman and Amrit’s Party at the WIT Lounge


Well… Little did I know at the time that shooting these two events was going to get me invited to be the photographer for some other Pre-Wedding party events.  The bride-to-be liked the photos from the first two events so much, she then asked me to come and photograph the first Sangeet Party the following week.

Aman and Amrit’s 1st Sangeet Party


Obviously you can see these people know how to party and have a good time!!  And obviously it’s hard for me to not put in SO MANY photos in this blog post…but can you really blame me??  The colors are AMAZING!!   At the end of this event, the bride tells me there will be another Sangeet the next night, and so far no photographer was booked for that, so she wanted me to come…but before more Sangeet party photos, I was requested for the Mehndi Ceremony…so let’s check out some of those photos first!

Aman’s Mehndi Ceremony

Indian Wedding Photography



Now on to that second Sangeet!!

Sangeet 2~Aman’s Churra Ceremony

Indian Wedding Photography



Well, since the families didn’t already have a photographer hired for the groom’s preparation ceremony the next morning before the wedding ceremony, I was requested for that the next morning…and there are some really great photos of the tradition!

Amrit’s Wedding Preparation Ritual


And so from here, on to the ceremony we go… Now, I was not the commissioned photographer for the ceremony itself, as a photographer and videographer had already been hired, so the ceremony was up to me if I wanted to do it….and why wouldn’t I??  I had come this far into the events of an Indian wedding, and feeling this was important to the portfolio, I made the commitment…  Seeing as how the bride-to-be seemed to really like my work, there was no reason not too!  Luckily for me the other hired photographer did not mind my presence, and in fact the photographer representing Lasting Memories was very gracious to me throughout the ceremony and reception (and BTW, I was commissioned as a second photographer for the reception–so some of those great photos will follow)!

So here is what I caught during the ceremony events…

Amrit’s Barat Ceremony

And now for the wedding ceremony….

Aman and Amrit’s Punjabi/Sikh Wedding Ceremony



Now of course…we are going to end it with the PARTY!!!

Aman and Amrit’s Wedding Reception

Indian Wedding Photography
Indian Wedding Photography



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Catherine’s Senior Portraits

Chicago Senior High Photography

So far this is my first and only teen/senior high session at this point, but I had TONS of fun with one… WHY?…  Because she is my very own sister-in-law!  The reason why this shoot was fun was not only because of the photography itself, but before that, we took her to the salon for a little make over, and then shopping for a couple of great outfits!…  All I can say is, she came down that weekend a horse loving, ankle length skirt wearing girl from farm country, and emerged from her salon visit and wardrobe shopping trip a chic and mature looking young lady (who still loves horses by the way).  :-)

From some of these images, family and friends found it hard to believe this was Catherine in these photos, but no one thought she was anything less than stunning!!!  And these are some really great photos to prove it!!  Love you Catherine…thanks for a fabulous session!


  • Crissy Linhart - What a beautiful yoyng woman, and what a wonderful job you did, Jess! This was a fabulous time, too!ReplyCancel

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April & Michael~Married

Chicago Wedding Photography

On June 4, 2011, I photographed April & Michael’s wedding.  A truly wonderful and laid back couple, I had such a great time and was glad to be their photographer for their special day!  It could not get any more adorable than their little girl in the role of the flower girl…

Another aspect that made this wedding unique was that two of the other wedding vendors were also in the wedding party!!  So it goes without saying that it was nice to meet and connect with these vendors, Shawn Boyle (groomsman) and Diane Kedzinski (who is also one of the groom’s sisters who was in the wedding party) of Off Point Media headed up the videography.   Groomsman Tim Edwards along with business partner Mark Sitarz of MMDJ’s kept the party going through the night and people on their feet dancing.

It was a great wedding and many congratulations again to April and Michael Kledzinski on their marriage!!


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Chelsea & Tony~Married

Chicago Wedding Photography

On May 21, 2011, I had the privilege of shooting Chelsea and Tony’s wedding… I will go ahead and be honest here, this was my first wedding shooting by myself!  I was excited and yet nervous all at the same time, with it being my first full wedding, and me being the only photographer…it was my total responsibility alone to capture every sequence of Chelsea and Tony’s special day.  By this point I had put plenty of time and money into workshops and training, and of course a good amount $$$$ into upgrading all my equipment.  I have to say overall, that my excitement and determination to do a great job on this first wedding far over shadowed the butterflies in my stomach…and I think there were a lot of great shots!

But since this was my first wedding, I also invite you to tell me what you think…   Enjoy!!    :-)


Chicago Wedding Photography


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